KLIK4CHARITY™ mobile service provides the charity organizations an effective communication and interaction tool with members and donors, while supporting the acquisition of new members to support the cause. It also brings a cost effective tool for collecting donations through a mobile device that travels with people in their everyday life. Donating through KLIK4CHARITY™ is made fluent and easy: No sms codes, keywords nor credit cards are any more required. Our billing contracts with major operators allow the donations on your phone bill. A few easy steps guides the user to flow through the donation process and gives an opportunity to invite friends to join in to support.

People are incentivized to visit the charity’s mobile service regularly on their phone, while traveling by bus, having few minutes waiting or just having a free moment to learn the news and events, volunteering opportunities and the helpful resources that your charity can provide to the members. Finnish Red Cross, for example, brought people their first-aid guide for offline learning through mobile and guides blood donors to nearest donation locations through a map app within the service itself.

The KLIK4CHARITY™ service can also work as a hub for a series of mobile applications and thus can help your charity to collect a growing amount of mobile initiatives under one service. This allows consumers to receive all mobile communications from your charity in one – instead of having to browse through the mobile applications stores regularly to search and find new offerings.

KLIK4CHARITY™ makes it fun and easy for people to support the work of your charity. And what is best, the solid service platform has already been build and it doesn’t take much time to build a mobile service for your charity.