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Mobile Means Ltd. has designed and launched the award winning mobile services for Finnish Red Cross, Finnish Red Cross Blood Service and Plan Finland on Mobile Means KLIK4CHARITY platform

Why you should consider mobile?

Mobile internet has passed the desktop internet

People are using more time in internet on their mobiles than on their desktop computers

Mobile is always on, it’s personal - it goes where you go

Why you should consider mobile apps?

86% of the time spent on mobile internet is done in applications

Application distribution is done thru App Stores which are visited on daily basis

Application is on your home screen - a quick access to your services

Your brand is visible on the home screen

Why you definitely should consider KLIK4CHARITY

KLIK4CHARITY is the best solution out on the market for charity organisations 

KLIK4CHARITY is App Store approved service for fundraising - our billing agreements allow us to use other billing options than default App Store in-app purchase options (higher payback) 

We have done it already with other customers

We are agile and easy to work with

We talk your language, we understand your business

We will do it for you - we only need a contact person from your side to align with

KLIK4CHARITY mobile service platform


A mobile service platform for non-profit charity organisations

KLIK4CHARITY™ mobile service provides the charity organizations an effective communication and interaction tool with members and donors, while supporting the acquisition of new members to support the cause. It also brings a cost effective tool for collecting donations through a mobile device that travels with people in their everyday life. Donating through KLIK4CHARITY™ is made fluent and easy: No sms codes, keywords nor credit cards are any more required. Our billing contracts with major operators allow the donations on your phone bill. A few easy steps guides the user to flow through the donation process and gives an opportunity to invite friends to join in to support.

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Benefits for your organisation

Benefits for non-profit organisations

Integrate your existing content into an application


Re-use your content


 Target your users


 Easy fundraising

Easy fundraising


 Interactive communication


 Reach your users



Benefits for your organisation

Benefits for your audience

Integrate your existing content into an application


 Always up-to-date


 Easy to donate


 Easy to participate in

Interactive communication


 Targeted push notification


 Quick response


 Interactive communications